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Deathless movie
In 2009, Little Dude Films commissioned Fursy Teyssier to create an animated teaser for Deathless while the live action film was in pre-production. 
The teaser was directed by Fursy Teyssier, art directed by Ian Beaumont and produced by Little Dude Films.
The live action teaser was produced in 2010, ahead of the completion of the film.

Left: Deathless animated image poster
by Fursy Teyssier and Terry Waeland

Below: "John Ray" image
by Fursy Teyssier

Full Deathless animated "bridge lighter" image
by Fursy Teyssier

Fursy’s website: www.lesdiscrets.com

Deathless "John Ray" image by Fursy Teyssier  
Deathless "Bridge Lighter" image
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